Personal Core Values: The E-Book

I’m happy to announce the official launch of my first e-book: Personal Core Values; a practical guide to discover YOUR personal core values. Personal Core Values - the e-book

This e-book is all about discovering your values. If you’re a regular reader of Be An Original, you know that I’ve gone through the process of discovering my personal core values years ago. I use them on a regular basis to this day. I’ve written about my values on this blog before, and I talked about how I used them when I wrote my personal mission statement.

Those articles are an account of how I found my values, and how I use them. But this e-book is not about me, it’s about you. Reading about how I discovered my values may be nice as a case study, but it’s more important to learn how you can discover yours!

That’s why I wrote this e-book. It’s a simple guide that will help you to discover your personal core values, one by one. To accommodate this there are four exercises. Every exercise has a brief introduction of what you can expect and how to prepare. Most exercises have worksheets to help you through the process (one of them has gem stones!).

The 66 page e-book is divided in three parts:

  1. What are Personal Core Values
    This part explores what values are, and more specifically what Personal Core Values are. You will learn the various characteristics of values and what it takes to make it one of those special values.
  2. Discovering Your Personal Core Values
    This is where you’ll find the four exercises that will help you discover YOUR values. Choose the ones that appeal to you, you really don’t need to do all of them (but you’re more than welcome to!)
  3. Using Your Personal Core Values
    At the end of Part II you will know your values. Part III gives some examples of how you can use them in relationships, decision making and for crafting a personal mission statement.

You can get this e-book for only $19. After that all you have to do is invest the hours to read it and to do the exercises. A couple of hours and 19 bucks is a great deal for this kind of life-aligning knowledge.

The instant-download e-book is easy to print or read on screen. And not to forget, you also get a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you’re not satisfied with it after all. Click here to buy it now.

The complete table of contents:

  1. Part I: What are Personal Core Values
    1. Doing what you love to do consistently
    2. Characteristics of values
    3. Personal core values
  2. Part II: Discovering your Personal Core Values
    1. Exercise I: Brain Writing
    2. Exercise 2: A Trip Down Memory Lane
    3. Exercise 3: The Last Speech
    4. Exercise 4: The Treasure Hunt
    5. Wrap up: The Final Five
  3. Part III: Using your Personal Core Values
    1. Using Your Personal Core Values
    2. In Relationships
    3. In Decisions
    4. In Your Mission Statement

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Huascar April 20, 2011 at 01:47

Dude where is habit #7? I could not find the link to the last habit? I had fun reading your article, I m actually reading the book right now, because is part of my class. This is very helpful to me. Thank You

elungat denis September 8, 2012 at 12:46

it is so great to live a life of core values,
thanks so much
send me more samples so that i can learn more and teach my followers

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