Interviewed by Dave Navarro at Rock Your Day

Dave Navarro, the kick-a$$ blogger of Rock Your Day, has given me the honor of an interview on his blog, about doing what you love, success and work-life balance. Hop on over to read it, and while you’re there check out Dave’s blog. It rocks (in more than one way).

Interview with International Man of Mystery Lodewijk van den Broek

Answering those questions was a lot of fun, it’s interesting to reflect on them in an interview. It’s a different experience when you answer questions, than when you’re making blog posts about similar topics. Very refreshing, thanks for that Dave!

If you’re visiting from Rock Your Day…

Welcome to How to be an Original, my home on the web. It’s awesome that you’re visiting here! Feel free to take a look around. I’m here for a little over a year now, it was a year in which I learned a lot.

Of course there’s more about me, my name and this blog on the about page. Only recently have I taken up the courage to call this blog a personal blog, you can read about that in the post on passionate people.

There’s so much more to explore around here. Spend as much time as you like. Have any questions for me? Contact me via the contact page, or put it in the comments. I’d love to hear from you! Have fun, and thanks again for being here!

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