Review week 48; goals, blog and GTD

On Sundays I’m looking back on the past week. How did I perform towards my goals? How did my blog do? And how am I keeping up with my Getting Things Done system and Zen to Done habits?

Blog performance

Another strong week. I participated in a group writing project over at Luciano’s blog Litemind. My entry was the post on the pros and cons of drinking coffee. I had some of the basics lying around for quite a while actually, because I thought that it would fit my early bird challenge last august very well. I did not come around to writing it at that time. Later today I’ll post the list with my favorites.

Stats are up this week! The post on coffee did very well on StumbleUpon, and I got a lot of visitors from there. I almost had a best day ever last Thursday, but eventually it came in on third place.

I have only 30 days left to reach my goal of 2500 RSS subscribers (e-mail subscribers count too, and are reflected in that number). Although numbers are up, this is going to need a lot of attention!

Statistics week 48
Average RSS subscribers: 460 +21
Average daily visitors: 708 +531
Technorati Authority: 233 +17

Some link love for the blogs that hosted a carnival with one of my articles:

Progress towards goals

I had a pretty strong case of flu this week. That doesn’t help in achieving goals… Nevertheless I had some progress.

Christine linked to my weekly reviews in a very useful article on setting and achieving crazy goals. That gave me a kick in the butt, and I needed that. I have learned some stuff about goals in the last year or so, by investigating and writing about it. But more importantly, also by setting them and working on/with them. And I fell into some pitfalls, I’ll highlight that in an article next week.

For now, here’s the progress update:

Material State
1. Garden redone by 12-2007 Again no progress, which is stupid really because it’s almost done.
2. 2nd floor redone by 12-2007 I worked a lot on it yesterday, and going at it again today.
3. €500 passive income by 03-2008 No progress and no real attention really. There are goals with deadlines a lot closer that need a lot of attention.
Active State
4. NLP Practitioner certification by 12-2007 I updated my personal development plan, needed for finishing the course. Waiting for feedback.
5. 2500 subscribers by 12-2007 This is going to need a lot of attention.
6. Given first training as trainer by 03-2008 No progress, attention is needed elsewhere.
Social State
7. Rising early ACCOMPLISHED Today I was up early again, it amazes me how easy it is to get back no track with this habit. Even after a period of illness.
8. Be in contact with friends and family 4 days a week Yep! 2 weeks in a row now.
Emotional State
9. Review mission and goals weekly ACCOMPLISHED
10. Quarterly retreat Starts January 2008
Physical State
11. Workout 5 days a week I was sick…give me a break!
12. Run half a marathon in 10-2008 Ditto!

Zen to Done / Getting Things Done – weekly review

Since last week, this is both a Zen to Done section and a Getting Things Done section. The focus obviously is to get those tasks done.

If I review the things I need to do, there’s generally just way too much to do about way too much different topics. My main focus will be to simplify during the coming months. Simplify, simplify, simplify! I already worked my way through various backlogs, but I simply need to finish projects and stop adding new ones to them.

If you look in the previous section for instance, there’s a goal about the garden. It’s not having any progress in the last couple of weeks, and I only have to do two more things. One of them can’t get done before the end of the year anymore (plant two trees), but the other (change the location of the gate) is easy to do.

But 90% of the project is done, so the priority dropped. But in the meantime it’s not finished, and the project lingers on my project list, the actions linger on my action list and it’s on my mind at least once a week (during this review) but mostly more often. Finishing projects is a habit I need to adopt. Not a system, a habit.

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Mark Dowling December 3, 2007 at 04:39

An extra 500 daily visitors by writing about coffee? That’s awesome. Isn’t it funny how the things we all take for granted, like that morning caffeine hit, generate so much interest!

Seriously… well done on the stats. Been followed now for quite a few weeks and it’s great to see hard work pay off.

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